MegaVoice Southern Africa Newsletter – November 2016

Southern Africa Newsletter November 2016
Dear Friends,

The year 2016 is soon to be history.  Let me take this opportunity to share with you what the Lord is doing through the MegaVoice audio Bibles.

We are in contact with more and more missionaries reaching out to the lost.  Our audio library has grown significantly and the search facility on the web has been improved.  In this year we have added the Envoy E series of players to our product range. You can read more about it below.

I want to thank you for praying for us and for the lost.  In Matt 9:38 our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ said: “therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” (ESV)  We cannot all go to the ends of the world, but we can support those that do go.  In our day to day lives we all meet people that have not yet met the Saviour. We can share the Good News with them!

May you have a blessed 2017 and may you and your family continue in a closer walk with our Lord and Saviour.

Johan and Linda Grobler

Sometimes other’s zeal reminds us how much the Bible means to them when we realize that they went to great lengths and it took much dedication to obtain a Bible.  Early on 14 October I received 4 missed calls on my mobile phone in a short time span. I was exhibiting at a synod meeting and could not immediately attend to the call.  On calling back I learned that it was Bongani, a blind man who wanted to buy an audio Bible. He asked his sister Tembile to visit  the MegaVoice office in Pretoria to buy one. I called Tembile and gave her some directions, thinking that she would drive by car.  After some hours I received a call from her asking for more directions.  I then realised that she was heavily visually impaired and cannot read street names!  She came by taxi and the taxi dropped her off at the wrong location about 1 km from MegaVoice.  After searching in the area I found her and we went to the office. She bought an IsiZulu Bible for her brother.  Her joy overflowed when we gave her a complimentary Bible!  She hugged Linda in joy praising the Lord.  I took her to a nearby taxi rank where she took a taxi to her brother in Burgersfort, 312km from Pretoria. (The total journey to get the Bible was about 750km!)  It was good to see her praying while waiting for the taxi. I realise she spent a full day travelling and being exposed to dangers like exploitation to obtain the Bible for her brother.
Reaching the rest of the world

From the South African office we have now distributed audio Bibles in 25 countries! In the last 12 months we were in Botswana, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda and Zambia. We now have partners assisting in distributing audio Bibles in the Western Cape, Uganda and Zambia. There are still millions that have not yet heard the Gospel. There are many that need audio Bibles but cannot afford to buy their own.

Some Prayer Pointers:

  • Pray for Diana, Linda and Johan who are working the Pretoria office.  Gerald in Uganda, Herman and Helga in the Western Cape and James in Zambia.
  • Thank the Lord that we now have more than 35 MegaVoice Media Centers worldwide!
  • Pray for access to existing audio recordings of Bible scriptures. Pray that the relevant Bible Societies and organizations will agree on reasonable royalties.
  • MegaVoice is in the process of developing new products.
  • Pray that these projects will run smoothly and within budget.
  • Pray for missions organizations to have a vision to distribute the players.
The Envoy E Series

Technological advances make it possible to continually improve our Bible players. The new Envoy E Series have features like an improved memory capacity (up to 1600 hours of audio!), FM radio, Audio recorder, variable Playback speed, micro SD card that play any mp3 audio, secure content on the internal memory, flash light and more.
All our players allow you to easily navigate the Bible and set a bookmark. The bookmark allows you to continue listening where you switched the player off. when you later switch the player on.
The existing Envoy S and Envoy S Dual will still remain our main focus as they are ideal for the unreached in rural areas.
Testimony from a Refugee in Europe

One of the highlights in 2016 was to hear about a recent convert and believer in Christ in Europe who came from a Middle Eastern country.  He was trained in IT in the UK and after returning to his country he started a training centre.   A militant group warned them to stop training women, but they continued.  Some of his family members were murdered when they continued to educate and train girls and women.  He fled to Europe where a MegaVoice Bible was given to him by someone on a short term missions trip. He can now listen to the Word of God even while mingling among his fellow countrymen who still believe in a false religion.  His joy in the Lord is clearly visible and his face shines in spite of adversity.  Unfortunately for his own safety as well as the safety of his family who are still in the Middle East we cannot show his photo.  There are many who are in similar situations to Jeremy, who long to access the Word of God but cannot.

Christmas and 2017

With the festive season around the corner you may want to give a Bible or Bible Stories as a gift to family or friends.  Many grandparents are buying a Wildlife StoryTeller for their grandchildren.  You may also have some people in your employment that cannot read!

MegaVoice Website and Audio Cloud

The MegaVoice website has been upgraded and the vastly improved Audio Cloud is a searchable database of thousands of Scripture audio files for use on MegaVoice solar powered audio players   There is content in 4600 languages and about 13000 titles!

The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.

Isaiah 40:8

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Kingfisher FM in Port Elizabeth – Johan Grobler interviewed by Ethan Black

Tembile and Bongani in the MegaVoice Newsletter
Tembile (visually impaired) and Bongani (Blind).

Ehtan Black at Kingfisher FM interviewed Johan on the afternoon of Thursday 1 December 2016.  Johan gave a brief history of MegaVoice and explained how the solar powered audio Bibles are enabling thousands to listen to the Word of God in their own language!  Johan also told the story of Bongani and his sister Tembile who went to great lengths to obtain an audio Bible. Read more about Bongani and Tembile in our November Newsletter (Click to download pdf version).

Kingfisher FM is a local community radio station in Port Elizabeth

Click to Listen to the interview
Click to Listen to the interview



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