Gerald’s first flight in an aeroplane

Evangelist Gerald is on the way to visit MegaVoice!

He writes:

My first flight! in Life-So exciting.
4 January 2018

I have never seen my family so excited in the past years till yesterday when I visited my mother in Entebbe to say good bye before my flight to SA.  At the moment I am at Kigali international airport where I await for my final destination flight (time 22h20).  Early this morning after I arrived in Kigali before writing this message to you Johan.  I had a Conversation on what’s up with my little sisters back in Uganda. Among the many words they said first were “big Amens, one said, I tap into the flight anointing, another Go brother, Go Man of God.  They were not sure if I am seriously traveling to abroad till I left at 4am with an air taxi and shortly posted on our family page photos in an aircraft. My mother actually said during the night that in the whole clan from my father’s side I am the first person to board an aircraft! WHATT??? It true.
They asked, so brother how does it feel to be on a flight? I said, it’s real nice. when setting off-you see houses below you and very small and later you see clouds below you! thou at some points you feel as if you are passing through humps and potholes. For sure, I was amazed that among safety instructions they gave were instructions in case you are drowning in the lake or sea! Then I said to myself, we are in air how comes we should except drowning in water…that I had to rest my peace not to bother my mind but to wait and see when I will need floaters. Otherwise it was as I used to watch it in movies and TV when I was young. 1. Orientation, 2. air hosts passing through with drinks and snacks etc I can’t wait to reach SA 5th-2am tomorrow. Perhaps my experience this time will be different from the morning experience. Keep me in prayers I am so excited. God bless.


My first in life
It’s all because of serving Jesus.
For sure it’s been along await Dream seeing it come to pass.

Ready to depart……

In the air!

The wing and engine

Beautiful clouds and the engine

Safe on the ground in Kigali, awaiting the connection to Johannesburg – OR Tambo International Airport

Prayer Items:

  • Thank the Lord for supporters that made the trip possible
  • Pray for the meetings and training in South Africa
  • Pray for opportunities to meet new people and share the Gospel.
  • Gerald’s laptop  recently failed beyond repair.


Thank you

Johan Grobler


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