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Labourers in the Kingdom of God

Today I am confronted with the situation of Evangelist and Missionary Gerald Tumusiime from Uganda. He is a willing and able worker in the Kingdom of God.

Lets turn to Scripture (ESV)

  • Luke 10:2 And he said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.
  • Matthew 9:37-38 37 Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; 38 therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”

Usually we find it difficult to find people to send to the field. In Gerald’s case the hurdle is support. The Church in Uganda is not missions minded and it is very hard for a missionary to find support.

This is an appeal to you to prayerfully consider supporting Gerald. He needs to visit South Africa for training. He already has a visa which expire in January 2018. Without adequate support even the investment in a visa will be lost.


Thank you

Johan Grobler

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Support Missionary Evangelist Gerald Tumusiime in Africa

I am Gerald A. Tumusiime, A Missionary/Evangelist. I am a Megavoice agent, megavoice ministry reaches out into communities around the world with the message of hope. Two years ago Megavoice Media center was officially opened in Uganda. For the past two years we have seen a great impact sharing words of encouragement to our communities in Uganda and in our nearby country friends; Kenya and Rwanda. Earlier this year in April Our missions team was in Kenya, Luanda for an outreach, with I carried some audio bibles it was amazing how Kenyans loved this audio bible.

To support /donate to Gerald follow the link

Around September I was in Kigali, Rwanda for a meeting and I saw a great need for audio bibles there due to the war genocide many people could not to school and even after the war many could not afford school but some families settled to teach their children their local language. I am preparing to travel back to Kigali Monday 20th this November for a conference, hope to talk more with the locals and get to make more connections and understand this area well.

What is our plan as MegaVoice in Uganda.

– Make Outreaches to deep communities in Uganda and East Africa at large with Megavoice solar powered audio bibles.

– To reach out in the blind communities.

– Reach-out to Christian leaders, its true that pastors, bishops, reverends among others are busy people, busy on travels etc…busy to a level that they can’t study the word of God but we sure that Megavoice bible with help pastors and leaders study the word anytime, everywhere

In January 2018, I need to be in South Africa at Megavoice Africa head offices with Johan Grobler (MD) for a planning meeting and field Training – I am here fundraising $2000 for this solar Bible outreach project. All donations will go toward payment of;

1- Flight ticket to SA

2- New laptop

3- Internet and mobile Airtime

4- meals, transport costs

5- work space

No matter how small or big you can contribute do it to help to reach the deeper ends of EA. Extra donation will purchase an audio bible at $35 for the old peoples and blinds who can’t read in Mbale in Eastern Uganda.

You can contact me on:

Mobile: +256 755 392774
WhatsApp +256 392 844181
Email: Gerald at
General video on MegaVoice

Your support is highly appreciated!

General information:

MegaVoice Uganda Brochure
MegaVoice Southern Africa Brochure

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Die Bybel vir vandag – Thru The Bible

Die program “Die Bybel vir Vandag” is deel van die wêreldwye bediening van Thru the Bible. Die studiereeks is oorspronklik deur Dr J. Vernon McGee ontwerp en is al in meer as 100 tale en dialekte vertaal en aangepas (14 tale op die MegaVoice spelers beskikbaar). Dit is ’n daaglikse radioprogram van 30 minute wat die luisteraar sistematies deur die hele Bybel neem. U kan meer van God se Woord leer deur na hierdie programme te luister. Ons beveel aan dat u ten minste na een program per dag luister, Maandae tot Vrydae. Indien u daarmee volhou sal u die hele Bybel in die vyf jaar bestudeer.

Meer detail oor die program:

Reference # B3576    Language (Eth code)  Thru The Bible
Afrikaans (afr)

Discipleship course from Dr Vernon McGee. A teaching from every book of the English King James Version of the Bible. This audio is available in 14 languages. The presentation is a long running study which can provide a detailed study of God’s Word for years to come.  Die Afrikaanse weergawe word is deur Dr Johan van Schalkwyk van die NG Kerk.

NOTA: Die audio is beskikbaar om op die MegaVoice spelers gelaai te word. Vir meer inligiting kontak ons en noem die verwysing # B3576 in u epos.

 Luister na ‘n voorbeeld.     Epos navraag

(541 Hrs) (6 GB)     Publisher: Thru The Bible
Die program pas goed in saam met ‘n volledige Bybel in Afrikaans op die Envoy E reeks spelers.
Envoy E Ember
Die MegaVoice Envoy E Ember met genoeg geheue vir ‘n Bybel en die 540 uur van Die Bybel vir Vandag, ‘n flitslig en microSD kaart.

Bibles-4-Christmas Outreach 2015


In support of Missionaries all over Africa. Helping God’s servants doing God’s work.


Annual outreach to Ngamiland, Botswana.

Many have not yet heard the Good News of Jesus – “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.” (Luke 2:11 ESV).  This December  Outreach2Africa and MegaVoice will join in providing printed and solar audio Bibles for the project in Botswana.

Blind and old Bushmen
Old people are often neglected and deserted!

In Ngamiland there are many people, and even whole families and cattle posts, without a single Bible or even a Bible book.  Most cannot read but can listen to the Bible!  The people are HUNGRY for the Word, as written in Amos 8:11. Please pray to the Lord about your participation in this project.  If possible, also ask your friends to join in. Every single Bible will make a huge difference in the life of the one who receives it. Even if there was a shop full of Bibles in each of the villages, the people would still not have had a Bible … it’s simply too expensive and few can afford a Bible.

Many children without basics

This year (2015) the annual Bibles for Christmas Outreach  is scheduled from 11 to 23 December.

Outreach2Africa’s mission is precisely to go where others cannot or will not go. Our dream is to collect funds for a 1,000 [one thousand] Bibles-for-Christmas to distribute to the Missionaries in Ngamiland. The Missionaries can then present a Bible as a Christmas gift to involved parishioners who do not own a Bible.

Children playing in dessert
It is not only a desert but also a spiritual desert without the Bible!

A 1,000 Bibles in an area where more than 50,000 people live, is not a lot – but it will make a huge difference to them. Just think, a Bible in an area where there are thousands of households where there is not even ONE Bible.

The Bible
The Bible in your heart language speaks to you!

We also promised to show the Jesus-film in Bushman language [! Xun-g] to the community at Tshodilo Hills. Our plan is to visit other cattle posts and show the Jesus-film and “Walking with Jesus” to the people and to share the Gospel with them.

Hut with sticks
Inadequate housing!

Your participation in this project will have eternal value for many in Botswana!     A Bible sponsored by you could be used by the Lord to change many lives.

Worship without the Bible
Worship without the Bible?

For every R350 donated we will be able to give a household of 6 to 15 people a rugged solar powered Envoy with the full Bible.  For R230  we can supply a New TestamentStory of Jesus or Look Listen and Live. This will change lives forever.

Thank you for prayerfully considering to help.

The table below give four options to be involved.  PayFast will require you to register, but it is a simple secure process!  Before transacting first activate your PayFast account by clicking on the shortcut link that will be sent to your email.  If you have used PayFast in the past you do not need to re-register!  Various safe and secure online payment options  like EFT, Credit Card, Debit Cards, Bitcoin etc are supported!


To buy one New Testament – R230


To buy one Bible – R350


To buy two Bibles – R700


To buy Five Bibles – R1750


To contribute R100 for logistics (travel cost)


For more information and to be updated on this project, please visit and like our Facebook page. You can also follow us on Twitter to see some of the wonderful testimonies we receive.

You may also want to support the team  who has to drive to reach the people of Botswana. It’s a long road, about 4,000 km, the days are warm, around 40 degrees and its Malaria area.  The duration of the trip will be 11 days. The budget for the logistics is R9600.

Lady with red dress listening to a MegaVoice Envoy 2014
Woman listens to the Bible in her heart language!

Click here to contact us about receiving updates on this project by e-mail.

Please pray for the team going to Botswana!

Vrouens en Kinders met huisies in agtergrond
Poor communities cannot afford Bibles!


We will be visiting the following towns and villages  Click on the names of the locations to see the route we are about to travel:



New Xanagas
Kasane (Via Namibia)
Victoria Falls (Zambia)

Bibles 4 Christmas Outreach2Africa - MegaVoice Route detail 20151211-20151223

Wildlife StoryTellers Comfort Orphans in Southern Africa

Give them something to hug and love that speaks to them in their own heart language from God’s Word. Give them a Wildlife STORY TELLER animal with audio Bible inside.   Many children are left with out parents as a result of HIV / Aids and other reasons.  Many suffer abuse of various natures. These children need love and the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Girl with Elphant with two boys watching her - Wildlife StoryTeller 448x299

Providing comfort and God’s message of hope to children in an orphanage in Bloemfontein South Africa. See the joy on the faces! The children were very happy to receive the donation from a couple from the USA.

Wildlife STORY TELLERS — different soft, furry critters — share audio Bible stories with children and adults around the world in their own native tongue. The stuffed tigers, elephants, bears and others can be loaded with recordings in over 5,000 languages and dialects. When you place these animals in the hands of children and adults, it is a tactile reminder of God’s love.

More information on the Wildlife Story Tellers here.

Wildlife StoryTellers a joint project of Global Recordings Network and MegaVoice 20131119
Wildlife StoryTellers a joint project of Global Recordings Network and MegaVoice 20131119

Missions Fest Pretoria 2014 – Seminar – Reaching the unreached who cannot read with Bible audio and Bible stories

MissionsFest 2014 Advert - top 400wxs


There are many people in the world who cannot read. Just in Africa there are about 790 languages without the Bible. Among the unreached peoples the levels of literacy is even higher.  In this seminar we will define the problem of literacy and oral cultures.  Solutions will be explored and testimonies from the field will be shared. Africa is the continent with the lowest literacy levels. References and resources will be listed for those who want to explore further. Download the presentation in pdf  One slide per page  or Two slides per page.

Presented at Missions Fest 2014 on Saturday 6 September 2014 at 12h00 at Hatfield North.