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You can order some of our products online via the MegaVoice office in Pretoria. Visit the link Click to buy MegaVoice products online.  You can pay by various means including Credit Cards, Debit Cards, EFT etc.  We us the Bid or Buy service.

We have a library of 14000 titles in 4600 languages and can therefore not have everything online. Here are some of the item that we do have made available online:

Bibles in the following languages:

Afrikaans (1933/53 and 1983 translations)
Xitsonga / Shangaan (NT)

Solar Speaker

Solar Lamp

Should you not find what you need online, please let us know commenting below.  You may also want to use our Toucan Chat service.
You can also send orders by email to orders (at)


16 thoughts on “Online Orders”

    1. Yes we do have Chichewa spoken in Malawi. We have the following titles:
      Full Bible
      Words of Life
      God’s Story
      Good News

      It is however not currently available online. We can supply from our office in Pretoria. We will contact you by e-mail as well.

    1. Hallo Chris,
      the price of the Envoy with one Bible is R350. Please call our office at 012 993 0614 for more information.

  1. Goeie middag Johan. Ek wil graag die afrikaans 1933 bybel op megavoice bestel. Hoe gaan ek te werk? Wil ook graag weet of dit deur n rekenaar gelees word of n menslike stem wat ook die emosie van die skrif vasvang?
    Seën groete
    Charlotte P

    1. Hallo Charlotte
      Die Bybel word voorgelees deur ‘n persoon. In die geval van die Afrikaanse Bybel is dit ds Martins.
      Ons kontak jou op jou epos tov ‘n bestelling.

  2. how can i get a copy to help me do ministry in prisons, schools and among the youth?

    1. Hi Mari, We unfortunately do not have the full Bible in Siswati as yet. We have the Bible in IsiZulu. In Siswati we the Story of Jesus available.


  3. Any media centers in Nigeria.
    Is megavoice available in KUKELLE? Spoken in Cross River State in Nigeria.

    1. We do have the following in Kulele:
      Series: Words of Life
      Words of Life recordings contain short Bible stories, evangelistic messages and songs. They explain the way of salvation and give basic Christian teaching. Most use a storytelling approach. These are recorded by mother-tongue speakers so people identify the language as their own.

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