MegaVoice leads the industry with Intuitive Keypads

MegaVoice leads with a range of solar powered audio Bibles with Intuitive Keypads

In selecting an audio player the key layout is important. It is even more important if the users are not literate or visually impaired. The MegaVoice Envoy S launched early 2014 also introduced a very innovative concept in its keypad.   This is not the first MegaVoice player with raised-buttons, the old Ambassador also had raised-buttons.   As early as September 2012 MegaVoice introduced the innovative layout with the Envoy Micro.

Envoy S Dual - landscape 563x800 W
MegaVoice Envoy S Dual

The keys are raised to assist the blind.  Only about 12% of the blind can read Braille but the raised keys are very easy to feel and locate.

The layout of the keys are intuitive which means it is where you would expect them to be!

Envoy S Dual Keypad - Annotated  800x483 W
The functions allocated to the keys on the Envoy S Dual

MegaVoice introduced its smallest digital audio player, the Herald. The Herald is lightweight and cost effective – ideal for teaching and training. Its intuitive, raised-button keypad makes navigating hundreds of hours of audio and Scripture content quick and easy – even for the elderly or blind.

MegaVoice Herald
The Herald

A solar powered audio player is much more than an ordinary commercially available mp3 player. For more information on these products please visit


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