MegaVoice brought Bible alive for Steve

Steve Prowse listens to the Bible on his MegaVoice player

‘Even though my flesh is crumbling /
my spirit is singing because I know
He is near’
– two lines from the poem Steve Prowse wrote shortly
before his death in June this year, aged 48.

Steve became a Christian about 10 years ago, during
a serious illness. Within a couple of weeks he was
completely well and returned to work – convinced that
God was working in his life. He began attending Riverside
Church in Exeter and became a Street Pastor, patrolling
the streets at night to help the vulnerable.

Steve’s sight and mobility seriously deteriorated following
a diagnosis of aggressive multiple sclerosis. Becoming
unable to read the Bible was a huge loss to him – but he
loved the MegaVoice audio Bible supplied by Torch. ‘The
Bible comes alive when I listen to it,’ he said. ‘When you
read the Bible you are concentrating on reading, but
listening to it, you are taking it all in. It’s brilliant!’

Steve’s faith and positive attitude towards the end of his life
was a blessing to many. Steve was married to Joan from 1999.
She says that while he always prayed for healing they both
knew there were different kinds of healing – and in the end
there was the complete and final healing of going to heaven.

Reference: This is an article from the Torch News Autumn 2017
(click the link to download the pdf version)

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