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Dear Friend,

The year 2018 is ahead and it fills us with expectation of what God will do.  There are many unknowns as well as many knowns, but we know that He is in control.   During a recent visit to MegaVoice in Tiberias we calculated that one person in Africa dies every 4 seconds.  It is not easy to grasp and understand it.  Not many of those dying have heard about Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world.  It is our mission to make the Word of God available to those that cannot read.  We partner with many organisations and missionaries in the field. We always need to have an urgency to spread the Gospel.  Jesus reminded us that no one knows the day or hour in Mark 13:32-37 (ESV)
32 “But concerning that day or that hour, no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. 33 Be on guard, keep awake.
We are in contact with more and more missionaries reaching out to the lost.  Our audio library has again grown significantly and the search facility on the web has been improved.  In 2017 we have added the Envoy ST to replace the StoryTeller.  You can read more about it below.
I want to thank all that have prayed, supported and told others about MegaVoice.  We cannot all go to the ends of the world, but we can support and equip those that do go.  In our day to day lives we all cross paths with people that have not yet met the Saviour. We can share the Good News with them!

Johan and Linda Grobler

Emma in Nkhoma, Malawi, testifies how an audio Bible was instrumental in changing her and her family. She used to be dishonest and took things that do not belong to her. She was even involved in witchcraft.  When listening to the audio Bible our Lord touched her life.  Her husband was also saved and they are now serving the Lord together.  She is now the Bible study leader in the village!
MegaVoice is 30 years old!

On 11 January 1988 Tom Treseder drew the first concept drawings of an audio Bible player!  Today we rejoice that the Lord has sustained MegaVoice and for the more than 1,700,000 units that have been distributed.  These are a blessing to those that cannot read. Read more on our blog at

Some Prayer Pointers:
  • Thank the Lord for the growth in available Bibles in audio.
  • Pray for access to existing audio recordings of Bible scriptures. Pray that the relevant Bible Societies and organizations will agree on reasonable royalties.
  • Thank the Lord for the growth in numbers of Bible players distributed in 2017!  We are encouraged by many testimonies received.
  • Pray for Diana, Linda and Johan who are working in the Pretoria office.  Gerald in Uganda and Herman and Helga in the Western Cape.
  • Pray for somebody to assist our team in marketing the MegaVoice Bibles.
  • MegaVoice is in the process of developing new products. Pray that these projects will run smoothly and within budget.
  • Thank the Lord for supporters and the office space graciously made available to us by the Constantia Park Baptist church.
  • Pray for churches and missions organizations to have a vision to distribute the players.
Bible Players
The new Envoy ST replaced the StoryTeller.  It is basically an Envoy S with less memory and no division / section buttons.  The programming and audio preparation is the same, which make it even easier to load and prepare audio for the MegaVoice players.
All our players allow for easy navigation of the Bible and setting of a bookmark. The bookmark allows the user to continue listening where the player was swithced off.
We also make tools available free of charge to assist missionaries to load their own content on the players. In this year we have launched CyberCopy in cooperation with our partner GRN to load audio content.
The existing Envoy S and Envoy S Dual will still remain our main focus as they are ideal for the unreached in rural areas.

Visits in 2017
We were able to visit missionaries and attend conferences in several of our neighbouring countries.  The list includes Namibia, Tanzania, Botswana, Zambia, Swaziland, Kenya, Uganda and recently also to Malawi.   The Lord provided and blessed each trip where we met more people and could be of encouragement to them.
Lackford Getala in Malawi is leading the children’s club in a small village and he also had been reached earlier by an audio Bible. The Children are getting a solid and sound Biblical teaching.  The Good News and Look Listen and Live from Global Recordings are being used.
Some suggestions on how you can help us at MegaVoice
  • There are a range of areas where you can be involved.  You may want to give a Bible or Bible Stories as a gift to a family member, friend, worker or colleague.  These will spread the Good News of Jesus Christ who came to the World for sinners.  Many grandparents are buying a Wildlife StoryTeller with Bible stories for their grandchildren.
  • You may want to share some of the videos with testimonies and product information on social media to your network of acquaintances. Please visit
  • You can tell others about MegaVoice and most of all,  you can pray for us—refer to the prayer items on the previous page.
Audio Bible Content

Our audio department, lead by Ed Zagofsky in Tiberias, is continuously working with Bible Societies and other content owners to obtain rights to make Bibles and discipleship material available on the MegaVoice players.  In 2017 we added among others the following full Bibles to the list: Kikuyu, Swahili NIV, ChiBema, ChiYao, ChiChewa, Somali, German and Modern Hebrew.

The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.

Isaiah 40:8


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